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You want to look back on your wedding or special event photos and be secure that your makeup will look timeless--not cringe-worthy. Neutral Gold by makeup artist, Ely Marino shows you how: 1. Begin by applying "Ivory" onto the brow bone! Followed by "Chocolate" slightly above the crease 2. Using "Plum" apply in the crease 3. To add depth apply "Vino" to the crease! Keeping it darkest in the outer corner 4. Taking "Copper" Pigment apply to the lid, keeping underneath the crease! 5. Water line with gel liner and smudge out with "Vino" 6. Using glitter glue dab a bit to the center of the lid and pat "Magic Dust" glitter over top with a fluffy brush! 7. Add your winged liner using gel liner
There seems to be a huge push of gold in recent days. And I don't mean just weddings and makeup. Furniture. Leather. Apple's Macbook. Am I crazy?
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You're right @NixonWoman. there is a lot of gold.
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That pigment is so concentrated. It's really lovely.
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Wow this is beautiful
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This is a great gold look without looking clubby. Hot
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