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Here is an epic fail by a guy driving a boat that causes himself and all his friends to fall.You'll have to watch this video about 10 times to see all the details. The drivers sunglasses exit the boat but just re-enter by the wave, the guy with the blue shirt in the back smacks his head literally 3 times to the window, the girl in the front (green bikini) holds like a boss but then the wave gives her a nice head shower and she falls There is so much stuff going on in this video - I think we won't ever see it all...
@mikerosa92 Yeah I saw that, doesn't look like fun
That looks like it really hurt, the guy driving got slammed and then crushed by both the girls. Ouch
I've seen this .gif before, so much worse on video
That guy driving is an idiot. Obviously not too experience or just trying to show off. Probably both