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It's the middle of the day, you're digging into your bag for blotting sheets, then realized you ran out of the oil-sucking paper! Now what? Don't stress! Here's a secret - No matter where you are you can find on-the-go replacement for oil-blotting sheets to last the day with a shine-free face. AT THE OFFICE Take out a piece of non-glossy notebook paper and watch it absorb all those grease. PUBLIC BATHROOM Method 1 - Separate the two-ply toilet paper into a single ply, and blot away. Method 2 - Use the matte side of a toilet seat cover and pat it on your skin like a blotting sheet. FAST FOOD Remember those brown napkins that catch all your pizza grease? Grab a few of those and stick them in your bag for emergency t-zone rescue! You paid for them. ;) IN THE CAR There's a reason why you keep all your receipts in your car...for moments like this, when you need a great oil-absorber. Just make sure it's not dirty. Have you heard of these and what's your blotting quick fix?
LOL the toilet seat cover trick. I've used it many times.
Toilet seat cover?! I don't know if I could do it lol @stargaze!
@ArianaVenti They're essentially tissue papers. lol