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When my dog gets loose, my instinct is to chase her down. It's natural: I don't want her to get away, and my mind instantly thinks that the only way to catch her is to chase her. Since we've been working on trail training, this has been happening more often that I'd like to admit.'s just part of the training? I hope? Anyways, I got scolded this past weekend for chasing my dog....but what else am I supposed to do? So I did some research to see how else to catch my dog. And it turns out there are much, much better ways. When you chase a dog, they often run harder and faster. So, instead, I found these awesome tips for how to reclaim your pup: What to do if a dog gets loose: - Stop, drop and lie down or curl into a ball Now, this might not be possible depending on where you are, but your dog will find this odd and they might come sniff to A) see what you're doing and B) check if you're OK. They'll be feeling like you're less of a threat as well, and you can reclaim control. - Run in the opposite direction. Some dogs (like mine) love to chase, so if you run the other way, they'll come after you and be happy to catch you--and then you can catch them. - Sit down with your back or side to the dog and wait You appear less threatening, they get curious, and then you can catch them. - Open a car door and ask the dog if she wants to go for a ride. Some dogs love cars and associate with good things (mine is learning to) so if you're near the car (or any car) use it to your advantage! Hopefully, I'll be able to hold on to my dog more and not have these problems but these are so me good solutions when she does get loose.
I used to work at a kennel, and these are the kind of things we learned! It's harder with dogs that don't know you well but it can still work.
I have used the sit down and curl up trick, and it really works! Learned it at a dog training class a few years ago (with my sister's dog) and it really works on a lot of dogs. Not all, though
Sounds like this will work for loose dogs anywhere. Good for everyone to learn, dog owner or not. Who knows when it could come in handy.