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Pull: A Dogsledding Documentary
Ok, this is too cool. My dog is definitely not a sled dogs, but there's not denying the beauty, subtle art that is sledding. I really hope that I get to experience this "pull" for myself someday. This film by Goh Iromoto documents what it's actually like to travel in a really, freaking cold terrain (Northern Canada, to be exact) by dogsled, and just what that can bring about. While I know this would be a bitter cold to get used to, I really think it'd be a fun experience. The power, precision and trust that these dogs and mushers have in each other is mind boggling, and beautiful.
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Aww pup pups! But in all seriousness this was great. I know nothing about dogsledding and this was cool insight
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Did he say 43 dogs? 43???
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@TeamWaffles He's like the cat lady of the wilderness
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