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So...yeah...the picture that you see, of a coffee cup an actual Valentine gift idea. And I promise you--without a trace of snark in me--I am truly flummoxed how this is an appropriate Valentine gift idea. The sleeves are cute. They're handmade. The ubiquitous hearts make it a Valentine object. I get it. Other than that, crickets. If I'm honest, I'd be appalled to receive something like this--handmade or not. I'd feel even worse giving it. Am I wrong? Am I missing something? Is this an homage to a joke I didn't get? I am totally inviting you to comment away because I just had an impromptu conversation with two other people about this and they both thought my visceral reaction to this gift idea was out of the ordinary. S.O.S.
With something else? Yes, I'd love it. On it's own? It's a little....boring? But as a piece of a bigger presentation, I think it could be cute!
Hi @onesmile. I agree that this should be part of a MUCH BIGGER presentation. It's quirky and fun that way. But on its own, it seems like a joke to me.
@marshalledgar I would be happy as long as it came with some coffee and dinner, personally, but I'm not huge on giant celebrations! Just something a bit more than this :)
I think I'd like them more if they were like, customized to have YOU on them, or some words really focused on you. Not everyone can afford a fancy Valentine's gift but they can afford to customize it a bit more than just printing someone else's design.
True true true @ChristinaBryce It's all about customization. It's not so much the gift as letting the person you love know that you know them through and through. Good point.