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So...yeah...the picture that you see, of a coffee cup an actual Valentine gift idea. And I promise you--without a trace of snark in me--I am truly flummoxed how this is an appropriate Valentine gift idea. The sleeves are cute. They're handmade. The ubiquitous hearts make it a Valentine object. I get it. Other than that, crickets. If I'm honest, I'd be appalled to receive something like this--handmade or not. I'd feel even worse giving it. Am I wrong? Am I missing something? Is this an homage to a joke I didn't get? I am totally inviting you to comment away because I just had an impromptu conversation with two other people about this and they both thought my visceral reaction to this gift idea was out of the ordinary. S.O.S.
I think I'd like them more if they were like, customized to have YOU on them, or some words really focused on you. Not everyone can afford a fancy Valentine's gift but they can afford to customize it a bit more than just printing someone else's design.
With something else? Yes, I'd love it. On it's own? It's a little....boring? But as a piece of a bigger presentation, I think it could be cute!
True true true @ChristinaBryce It's all about customization. It's not so much the gift as letting the person you love know that you know them through and through. Good point.
@marshalledgar I would be happy as long as it came with some coffee and dinner, personally, but I'm not huge on giant celebrations! Just something a bit more than this :)
Hi @onesmile. I agree that this should be part of a MUCH BIGGER presentation. It's quirky and fun that way. But on its own, it seems like a joke to me.