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As @hikaymm has probably already said, "Space is awesome." Even cooler is an artificial sky that you can take with you, like London-based Loop.pH's OSMO, a 9M inflated sphere that re-creates the night sky. Here's their statement: “At Loop.pH we like to craft and order space into magical experiences, so we have created a gigantic silver sphere that has been inflated under the flyover to house the most cosmologically transporting experience this bit of A-road has ever seen” Once inside this magical bubble, visitors can be surrounded by the millions of stars created with laser beams bouncing between the layers of film. As if this wasn't awe-inspiring enough - they added an incredible soundscape to take your experience to the next level. Check out the video to get the full effect!
Very interesting, although the sounds remind me of something out of the movie predator, it's kind of unnerving! Haha
Yessss space IS awesome! I love this, but I think I'd love it more if I was in the magic bubble of stars :D