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I said, tie a bow tie like Justin Timberlake--not look like him! lol Some guys got it so easy. And for the rest of us, there are tutorials to guide us along life's path of what is and isn't in vogue. For a recent wedding I attended, I decided to sport a bow tie since I hadn't done it before. And why not go with a bow tie? With so many fashionable prints and styles, it's hard to say no, especially since bow ties can do wonders in the illusion department of making men look better than they really are. I searched high and low for the best tutorial out there. I looked at templates. I went so far as to get help from a major department store that shall remain nameless, to no avail. To hell with it, I bought the bow tie anyway, completely ignorant to how to put it on and flew to my destination wedding. Fast forward, it's about one hour before showtime and I'm scrambling to figure out what to do about the bow tie. That's when I went to YouTube. Don't roll your eyes, you'd have done the same thing if you hadn't already done so. The video you'll see is what I saw that day and is the only instructional you will ever need to expertly tie a bow tie in less than 90 seconds. If this tutorial does not help you, then I would really like to hear from you because I was blown away by how easy it was after watching it.
More men need to be wearing bow ties. It's just time. Good card @marshalledgar
so fresh hmmmm fresh
I got rid of my regular ties and have two bow ties. I imagine that I will get more too. Their easy to tie and fashionable.
I love the bow tie too much
Justin's cute, but not that cute. LOL This is a nice sophisticated look. Better than clip on ties.
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