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Alec Soth, a successful photographer throughout the years, collected all the photographs he has taken throughout his lifetime, took out his editorial notes, selected and arranged them into a book. The book, entitled Songbook, adopts a musical approach in the arrangement of the photographs. It allows the viewer to take a journey across the United States as the pictures are punctuated with quotes from classic songs. The book is about the pursuit of individualism in America (if that is even an achievable goal anymore), and how we lose community through that process. He explores a variety of themes in the work in this vain, depicting people trying and failing to connect with each other in our increasingly technologically driven world. The Songbook series comes to end increasingly anxious end, leaving the American landscape feeling haunted, misty, indistinct and all but deserted.
@hunahuna I think you can find it on amazon! @AnthonyB Yes the pictures are very powerful! I don't think the book would be able to stand on its own without powerful imagery
I'm not familiar with Soth but what I've seen so far really impressed me. The pictures speak without words!
Outstanding. I don't pick up photobook very often but I might have to pick this one up. Alec Soth has impressed me yet again with this work, not just with the poignant subject matter but the sourcing and curating of the images as well! @dillonk thanks for sharing this!