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I was actually not expecting the video to be this ummm direct hehe. There are 7 things that I saw: 1) Go to the bathroom while in the shower => ewww no! like seriously no, no, no! Just no! 2) Biting the skin around your nails => ummm ok so yeahhh sometimes I do this (awkward chuckle!) 3) Popping zits => how is this gross?! I thought this was just normal. I mean not good, but normal 4) Smelling your armpit => ummm I plead the 5th. 5) Picking your nose => I love the 5th amendment! 6) I dont get the 6th one. Can someone explain it to me? 7) Cracking your knuckles => Oh lord the heavenly sensation! I love this, but didnt know that it was considered "taboo" haha So which of these things make your list? I'm not judging (as long as you don't judge me XD)
Oh my god, I haaaate when people crack their knuckles around me. I have arthritis so my hands just naturally feel sore all of the time, so when people crack their knuckles around me, the sound of it makes my hands hurt even more!
#6 is peeling off the dead skin after you get a sunburn.
@streak9381 oh god. thank you for telling me
No problem. 😊