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Weather Change & Hazy Halos
In there summer, there are times when you'll see a hazy ring around the sun or moon. This is a pretty reliable sign that the weather is going to change soon, typically it means rain is on the way. The halo that can form around a bright object, like the sun and moon, is caused by the refraction of light through ice crystals in high altitude cirrus clouds, which are often the first cloud to appear ahead of a front. The halo can also be caused by diffraction of light around water droplets in clouds as it travels from the light source to our eyes, causing the appearance of a halo. So, when you see a halo around the sun or moon, know that the atmosphere is changing and the weather is likely to change in the next 18 to 36 hours!
Ha! I have seen many of these, but never made the association. So this one has been proven true? @treedweller
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Where do you learn all this stuff? @treedweller lol It should be taught to everyone!
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Cool tip! I never even noticeed these rings before....I think that's a sign I need to look up more.
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@yakwithalan Indeed it has been! @happyrock Books, old lore, old friends, old family....basically old things...
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@treedweller Well, old knowledge should have some wisdom in it, so I'm glad you took the time to learn!
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