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When I head out even for a quick jaunt on the trail, I started carrying an XL sized ziplock bag in my hiking pack to do one thing: help clean up trails. Why? Because I got sick of walking past bits of trash on my favorite trails and not having a safe way to haul it out. This is a great habit to get into that I really recommend for everyone. I do the same thing in the neighborhood. I always carry a plastic shopping bag or two and pick up whatever trash I see lying around. By far the most frequently picked up item is empty water bottles. I can't understand why those just get tossed everywhere! Anyways, is there anyone else here that does this? I think it's just a great, easy way to really help clean up the land we want to enjoy.
@treedweller Agreed!!!! Let's do it!
@TrevorGoldley You rock for doing this. This is something EVERY HIKER NEEDS TO DO.
Wow, Great idea. I've done it at camp sites on the trails I'm on but never thought of going out strictly for this reason. I'll have to do it now!
I never really thought to call them trash hikes? but for sure. take in more than you packed out and all.