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This might be welcomed news for Apple enthusiasts. Their Apple Watch is set to be released in April, erasing rumors that it might be released in March. The reason that this is good news (even though the date is later) is because this ends the secrecy Apple usually has about its product. There are a number of reasons for this early announcement. I am not sure that many would agree with me, but these are mine: 1) Apple just posted the greatest (and I mean greatest) quarter for any company. EVER. They made 18 billion in Q1 2015!! They, I believe, would hope that news coupled with the release of the Apple Watch will push its stock higher. 2) Aid developers in preparing for the new platform. There are many developers who are anxiously waiting for the product, and trying to prepare for it. It is hard, though, since they can only test on simulators. It is beneficial to Apple to have developers in the know, since this product will rely heavily on 3rd party applications. 3) Build more anticipation. Yeah, like it really needs it lol What do you guys think? Is it worth it to get it?
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