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I know that we all can agree that KPOP has turned in to more than just music and idols. It's a new way of life. You do more than just listen to music. You learn about the idols' life and so so many KDramas. You become a new person and you are hated by other…well more like you freak people out, but there are people like you and we accept you. So come to the KPOP side and never be the same again.
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I get the funny looks when I talk about it, and the comments when people hear me singing it at work. oh well, I am not listening to it for anyone's sake but my own. I don't really care what anyone else thinks.
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Amen! That's the attitude we KPOPers need @JackieMurrayCab
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Right!! I had my favorite song from GD & Top playing in my car. I had a guy yell at me to turn off my Mexican music......I laughed at him, turned it up louder and sang my butt off...Lol! K-pop all day everyday♡
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Mexican music!?!?!?! That's an insult.
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I know, right! Funny part is I'm not Mexican....SMH!
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