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Just some photos I found and felt like sharing...
@KawikaAfelin Oh so everyone would be out running me as I am not a runner! I understand how they can become desensitized! This is all very interesting! Learn something new every day in Vingle!
Wow gorgeous pictures! If no one has been to Cape Hatteras, NC to fish at the Point there is always an arm to arm battle to see who gets the fish and what we're all using! Some walk way out to surf cast - not me since I can't swim but that photo reminds me of Hatteras or maybe it is just we fisher people have to get right in there and compete and help each other at the same time! Like the sharks I would run from those cute bears! What do you do when they come along?
Nice pics . I wish I could afford a trip to Ak . Another Bucket list . Also think I might take my chances fishing with the bears oppose to all those other fishermen . Man that's a lot of people one spot . . I thought it was crowded where I fish for salmon . Maybe 10 people . Anyway good luck on the up coming season . @KawikaAfelin
@ jrlopez Summer is just around the corner, amigo! Start gearing up, I am!
@redridergirl here's the key: you don't have to out run the bear, just the slowest person. I haven't had to fatally shoot one, but I have shot at a couple just to scare them and sometimes even then the sound of a gun does nothing. I usually try to carry firecrackers as an alternative, but once again they've been desensitized to some loud noises. Once again, you don't have to outrun the bear, just outrun the slowest person. Right?@JrLopez
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