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Love is in the hair! Here's a slick way to show off your braiding skills and "lovely" hair with this heart-shaped braid. 1. Grab a small section of hair near your hairline start doing a simple three strand braid. Then about an 1 1/2 inch from your brad grab another section and repeat. 2. Twirl your first braid and make a small loop and pin it in place using a bobby pin close to your hair color. Then do the same to the other braid. 3. The ends of the two loops you create and merge it to form a heart shape. Then pin it in place!
well I've tried the curling your hair with foil and a straightener and it worked beautifully!
definitely going to try this!
I've decided my hair for Valentines! This is so lovely ♥
Valentines Day Idea? I think yes!!!
I have two weeks before V-day to master this!
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