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The Messy Knot
My hair is extremely straight and lacks volume so I'm constantly looking for any style inspiration. This knotty ponytail is so simple yet effective to get the tousled look. The image is pretty clear -- divide your hair in two sections, tie it in a not and secure it with bobby pins at the nape of the neck.
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cute 馃槉馃槫馃槏馃拠馃憤馃憤
3 years agoReply
This is so awesome!! I am actually going to try this right now at my desk HAHA
3 years agoReply
I might need a pack of bobby pins to keep my hair like this but AH! So cute!
3 years agoReply
This is like one of those weird things I do to my hair to keep it tied up when I can't find a hair-tie when I'm cooking in my kitchen.
3 years agoReply
I need some bobby pins. Don't know where they all went!
3 years agoReply