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Forged trucks
I'm really excited for the Paris Savants and Bear Kodiacs! Any idea when these will be released? The Savants have been in the works for a couple of years now, and Paris riders have been using them. Wish they'd put these babies out on the market already!
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It's not restrictive like bears
2 years ago·Reply
Look at the top and bottom Bears. They aren't the same btw. @Mannith
2 years ago·Reply
@Mannith I can just get info from my Paris bruh, but can you find out about the Bears?
2 years ago·Reply
top are Kodiaks bottom is Gen 5 casts. Paris is having trouble justifyING the price of the savants since they are forged
2 years ago·Reply
I just saw an order form for savants so they are coming out soon
2 years ago·Reply