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Shot with an 800mm Nikkor AIS lens at f8 Nikkor to Canon Adapter Mount. Full-Frame - 21.5 megapixel image RAW 1/1250th second - 1 frame every 2 seconds - Intervalometer controlled. Tripod mounted. A series of images of the full lunar eclipse from April of 2014. ________________ There are many affordable used lens alternatives - especially for Canon owners. The Canon EOS lens mount is particularly wide and the FFD - Flange Focal Distance (the distance from the back element of the lens to the film plane - needed for proper focus) - allows for the use of many non EOS lenses. I have several T-mount (telescope mount), M42 mount (developed by Zeiss and popularized by Pentax - sometimes called a Pentax screw mount), and Nikon F-mount lenses that I use with my various Canon bodies. Adapters which set these lenses to the correct FFD are readily available and very affordable. If you are shooting in a situation where quick focus changes are not required (because these lenses will all only work as full-manual lenses) - they can be a life-saver. Regarding crisp images - the shots of the moon should prove that you can take a $25 pawn-shop lens and so long as the optics are clean (no mold or deep scratches) you can get some stunning photos. The last image of this card was shot with the same $25 pawn-shop 800mm f8 lens and camera body that the moon photos were shot with. I think that image is clear and sharp enough... You do want to make sure that whatever old lens you purchase and mount to your camera isn't going to sit too deep in the lens mount adapter and hit your camera's mirror as the mirror moves up for the exposure. I've never had one that would - and I have over a dozen old lenses for environmental/landscape photos, studio photos and cinematography applications now.
@JonPatrickHyde I've got a 50 year old (well, 49 years old) Nikon 50mm f/1.4 NIKKOR-S that was my fathers. I still use it today and really actually prefer it to my plastic autofocus 50mm Nikkor.
The sky really has been crazy lately! I remember it sky being really purple and pink a few days ago, even moreso than it tends to be during sunset. It was really beautiful, but all I had was my iPhone camera and I feel like it didn't even do the colors or texture of the clouds much justice.
Old lenses are still my favorite. The build quality, the image quality, they just don't make them how they used to (unless you are willing to pay the price)
I have a 30 year-old Nikon AIS 50mm 1.2 lens that is my absolute favorite lens for shooting HD video or 35mm motion picture film. Heavy glass, great optics, and crushing DOF control. I also have a 30 year old Nikon AIS 105mm f2.5 lens that hands down is the best portrait lens I've ever shot with. I'm trained as a cinematographer - there is not AUTO focus or aperture on a motion picture camera. Everything is full-manual - which is why typically it takes 3 people to run one. I am totally comfortable shooting full manual - and lately I've reached for my old lenses and left the full-auto new ones on the shelf.