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hey Hey guys! I'm Jess and this is my tutorial on how to do the romantic roll up-do! It's so simple that all you need is a hair band and as many bobby pins as you'd like. #1. For this I would suggest parting your hair down the middle, but my hair doesn't do that. Either way, it's fine. The main point is to separate about two inches of hair from both sides of your and brush then forward. Brush the rest of your hair back. #2. Put the hair band around the crown of your head on top of all your hair as the hair will soon be curling around it. #3. Take that first hair on whatever side you want that you separated in #1and bring it up #4. You're going to bring that hair you separated around the hair band. Make sure to pull it tight as the hair tends to loosen up during the process. so although it may look weird, it'll get loose and pretty in the end. #5. Just a more in-depth look at #4 because this is the part I got confused at. #6. It's just like a French braid. Every time you do #4, add in more pieces of you hair with the previous hair you twirled around the hair band. #7. This is my own personal touch. Stop twirling hair around the head band on the side you started on when you get to the back of your ear. At this time, repeat step 4 on the other half of your head. Stop at the back of your ear as well. #8. When you're done with both sides it should look like this, almost done! If anything I think this looks really pretty all on its own so if you wanna stop, hey feel free! If not, stick around there's plenty more. SUGGESTION: ADD IN SOME BOBBY PINS TO THE TOP AND SIDES OF YOUR BRAID, IT'LL HELP IT STAY IN BETTER. #9. So this is where all the long hair is and it starts getting tricky. Personally, start doing #4 but alternating sides. So twist left side, then right, then left, etc. Until you get to having about 1or 2 inches left of visible hair band. #10. Another personal thing is to get the remaining hair and lift it up. #11. Start coiling your hair around 2 of your fingers downwards, keeping it in a ball the whole way down, until you have about 1/2 or 1 inch of straighten out hair left. Then twist this ball of hair around the hair band. SECURE IT TIGHT WITH BOBBY PINS AS THIS IS THE LAST STRAND OF HAIR. Anddddd you're done! Yay now you look like a goddess! Make sure you add in any more bobby pins to secure the band and any loose strands of hair. Other than that, Enjoy. More to come I promise! If any questions, please feel free to comment! <3Jess
Very medieval princess-y!
The end result is so pretty! Thank you :)
Aww thanks for sharing this with us! Looking forward to more of your styles! :)