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To ensure that you’re getting enough—but not too much—of these healthy items, I’ve found a list of the things you’re most likely overeating right now. 1. Avocados Avocados are great for your heart, hair, and skin. That said, each one also contains 322 calories and 29 grams of fat. Try to use just one-third of a medium avocado in your meal or snack. 2. Coconut This ingredient is loaded with nutrients, including potassium and fiber—but it’s another food to use with caution. Whether you’re cooking with the oil or using coconut flakes in a smoothie, two teaspoons is a good amount to stick to. 3. Chia Seeds Absolutely eat chia seeds—they’re loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants, and protein. Just use one tablespoon will suffice. Too much of this good thing is hard on the digestive system. 4. Bananas Bananas are loaded with tons of nutrition—but be careful of too many! In extreme cases, you can run the risk of potassium toxicity! Doctors generally recommend eating no more than a couple each week. 5. Quinoa Quinoa is full of fiber and protein. The problem? People tend to think of it as an uber-health food and don’t watch their portion sizes. Use quinoa sparingly, and treat it like a starch. 6. Smoothies Depending on what’s in your morning drink, the calories can go down really easily...too easily. The best way to enjoy without going over the calorie edge? Make your smoothies at home, and assess if you would normally eat all of the food going into the blender in one sitting. My smoothie formula: one cup ice, one cup milk or milk alternative, one fruit, one fat, and a bonus like mint, cinnamon, or vanilla extract.
I love avocado and not amount of fat will get me to stop. Can't stop won't stop
I will never give up my morning banana!!!!!
I eat all of these except for coconut, but I think I'm pretty good at pacing myself :)
I definitely hit the avocado too hard sometimes :)
Oh phew, I thought you were going to say that overeating blueberries was bad. I just shamelessly ate an entire pint.
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