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When you say the word mauve, it should rhyme with the word cove. The word taupe does not sound like "top." So when you begin to say mauve correctly, and people look at you cross-eyed, don't assume that they are crazy. They might have a medical condition. If they don't, however, then fill the dead space and begin the arduous process of educating them. In other news...this cut crease makeup tutorial comes from one of my favorite makeup artists, Ely Marino. How to get that unmistakable cut crease: 1. With an angled brush Map out your shape using "Vino" (follow your own natural shape) 2. With a fluffy brush begin to defuse the sharp line created with "Plum" shadow (beauty weapon palette) 3. Pat "Porcelain Doll" blush onto the lid, staying underneath the crease 4. Line the waterline using gel liner and smudge out using "Vino" 5. Add your wing using "Little Black dress gel liner" 6. Highlight the inner corner of the eyes with "Ivory" (beauty weapon palette) All makeup is Motives unless otherwise stated.
He's right @daniachicago
This whole time my mom and I have been saying mauve wrong. oops. But her eyes are so pretty.@marshalledgar
It's awkward to say it like cove. haha