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do you remember HIM? no, not MinHo..the man beside MinHo..the funny guy in City Hunter (Bae Sik-Joong), he do made me laugh out loud and cry (not out loud).. :D
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yup! it was so cuteee!
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but it was such a heart breaking when he was hit by a car.. i almost cry.. (ahhh... suddenly i want to watch city hunter again)..
5 years ago·Reply
i like this ajusshii so much in city hunter..love the relation between him and minho..
5 years ago·Reply
@rhovie24 me too, plus he's so funny.. i remember his home shopping scenes...:)
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yeah,,,that was really funny,,i thought he's not capable of killing someone in there..:))me too i wanna rewatch city hunter..
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