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No one does neutral makeup better than makeup artist, Ely Marino. Yet somehow, she is able to give sex appeal to this number without turning up the volume on saturation or color. You can do it too: 1. Begin by applying "Birch" onto the lower lash line 2. Apply "Truffle" slightly above the crease following your natural shape 3. Using "Native" blend out "Truffle" till there are no harsh lines 4. Take "Shell" and pat on the entire lid staying underneath the crease 5. Apply your winged liner using liquid liner in Noir 6. Line the water line using gel liner! 7. Taking "Bordeaux" blend underneath the lower lash line Lashes: House of Lashes "Noir Fairy"
This is more my speed. Love this.
I am so jealous of that crease line. I am horrible at being that accurate with shadow.
I don't wear that much makeup unless I'm going out. Gotta have mascara though. I like the neutral look
Which eyeshadow palette is she using??
That's probably the case actually. Maybe my bristles aren't packed enough for the amount of control that sort of crease work requires. I need to stop buying brush packs and just pick out my brushes individually so I can buy the ones I actually need and not be tempted to use the ones that are 'good enough' for the job.
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