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Once upon a time, I thought Twitter was nothing more than another time-suck, but surprisingly, “micro-blogging” may be a must-have part of social media that can actually lower stress! A recent study showed found that women who logged on to Twitter several times throughout the day or texted a friend two photos a day scored 21% lower on a stress scale than those who didn’t use these technologies at all. They surveyed a sample of 1,801 adults on their social media habits, and then gave them a research-backed questionnaire to assess how often their lives felt overloaded and uncontrollable 30 days prior. After analyzing the general stress levels of men and women researchers found that overall, women are more stressed than men (surprise, surprise). But interestingly, the researchers also found that Twitter, e-mail and photo sharing managed to reduce stress in women! Men had the same amount of stress regardless. “Existing studies have found that social sharing of both positive and negative events can be associated with emotional well-being, and that women tend to share their emotional experience with a wider range of people than do men,” Researchers wrote in the report. “Sharing through email, sending text messages of pictures of events shortly after they happen and expressing oneself through the small snippets of activity allowed by Twitter may provide women with a low-demand and easily accessible coping mechanism that is not experienced or taken advantage of by men.” So, go ahead: Tweet, Snapchat, and email to your heart’s content. Just be careful about getting too wrapped up in other people’s drama or the troubling events happening around the world.
Ugh, time to get on Twitter
Social media is a great outlet for stress as long as it is used responsibly :)
Whenever something annoying happens to me I tend to message some of my friends simply because I know their reactions will crack me up! Total stress relief!
I find myself tweeting the most when I'm at airports, and I'm usually stressed at airports (lol) So this makes sense!
I don't know about it being exclusively Twitter. As the article says, I am much happier when I am constantly talking to friends throughout the day!