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The honest truth is, exercise can be a pain. We all know that this sweaty, sometimes awkward activity packs invaluable health benefits, but mentally we are wired to avoid discomfort, which is one reason why finding the motivation to exercise can be so hard. So how do we get past the (totally understandable!!!) urge to ditch the gym and curl back up in bed? 1. Give yourself permission to take it easy. If you don’t want to run, walk. Never underestimate the value of a short workout. Just get moving. You don't have to run a marathon! 2. Take the “work” out of your workout. Have some FUN! Join a team or club, find a fun class (hello Zumba!) that gets you moving! A fun attitude goes a long way. 3. Learn how to become comfortable with discomfort. Arguably the hardest route. It may sound like a cliché, but developing the ability to power through physical or emotional stress will unlock a world of benefits. We simply can't grow without stress. Change doesn't happen if everything stays the same. On the other hand, don’t ignore your body’s cries for attention. The key with good pain is that it should last only as long as you are doing the activity. So how can you start to handle this stress on your body? - Meditation can be helpful. Instead of letting it go, however, think of how you can just let it be. - Yoga is another route to take. This practice of holding steady in a posture while the body’s muscles are burning is great training for dealing with all kinds of stress. As you become more at ease with discomfort, a funny thing might happen—you’ll become stronger and more resistant to pain. Just be sure to scale up your efforts slowly - take your time! Seems like a simple enough step in the fitness world, but you'll soon find that this mental shift can ultimately free yourself from the fear of any kind of challenge and you will see that you can achieve things you never thought possible.
no pain no gain ladies @kristenadams @sjeanyoon @caricakes
I consider soreness (the normal amount, not a ridiculous amount!) a sign that I pushed myself in my last workout and I am happy about it!
I am honestly no longer satisfied with a yoga class unless I can feel a deep stretch :)
The ab burn is the worst hahaha @flymetothemoon
I jog a whole lot, but as someone who exercises to lessen the symptoms of arthritis, I know it's not smart to work on joints that might be sore or aching from too strenuous of a workout routine. I definitely stop and walk when I need to, and I still am able to achieve results!
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