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Ahh Superbowl Sunday. A day I will never, ever understand. I have very little idea of what goes on in football and really, barely know who’s playing. However, when friends are having a Superbowl party and you say potluck and helmet, well, this is what you're going to get. So here is my one big tribute to Superbowl Sunday… a watermelon helmet. Materials 1 Round watermelon Knife Sharp pencil or thin marker Instructions Using a round watermelon, slice off a piece approximately 4 inches down on the stem end. Set cut piece aside to use later for mouth guard. Make a curved cut from one side of the melon to the other to cut out the face portion of the helmet. Hollow out the entire melon. Take the piece that was set aside in step #1 and place cut side down. Place knife at the center of stem end and cut in half. Take one half of cut piece and draw mouth guard grid with a sharp pencil or thin marker as shown in picture. Remove flesh and using a small knife, cut out grid design. To assemble, place mouth piece on a plate. Place the helmet piece on top, pushing the mouthpiece ends towards the inside of the helmet. You may need to carve a little out of the helmet ends to fit the mouth grid comfortably. Fill with fruit salad.
I'm going to be the weirdo who constantly cuts her watermelons into football helmets even when it's off-season.
I want someone to make this for me! Super Bowl snacks are usually so heavy.
I'm so used to cheesy, salty snacks for super bowl parties that this will be a nice change (I might only make a the fruit salad but though!)
Fruit salad is always my favorite party snack. I don't even take a plate, I just hover by the bowl avoiding the soggy grapes :)
Mine would probably come out looking nothing like a helmet but I love the idea!