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So I haven't been bothered much at the Africa Cup of Nations. In fact I haven't been bothered at all by it but today was something so rare it will take a long time to replicate. Group D played their final matches today, the final of the group stage in fact, with all 4 teams coming into the games on 2 points and a 0 goal difference. While the Ivory Coast beat Cameroon to advance, Guinea and Mali drew 1-1. They are now sitting tied on every tiebreaker: points, goal difference, goals for, goals against, and result against each other. Because of this, a draw to determine who goes through will take place tomorrow. While certainly there could be a better solution to this, such as extra time and penalties, the fact that the two sides are tied on every tiebreaker is very very rare. Just another story to sum up this weird weird week in football.