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I love the title of this card. It basically means, this is a makeup tutorial that has nothing to do with Liza Minelli or the black shellac you'd expect to see on blurry faces at a discotheque. Effortless and romantic, this look for brides was created by makeup artist, Ely Marino: 1. Begin by applying "Birch" shadow (mavens palette) onto the brow bone 2. Taking "Sweet Plum" pat on both the inner and outer corners of the eyes 3. Using a fluffy blending brush and a bit more "Sweet Plum" connect both ends in the crease and blend 4. Taking "Runway" shadow soften the edges a but more 5. Using "Pink Diamond" apply to the center of the lid, with a bit of "Allure" paint pot over top 6. Using "Allure" paint pot apply to the inner corner of the eye followed by "Sweet Plum" in the outer corner Brows: Anstasia Beverly Hills, Dark brown powder duo with espresso brow gel gel Lashes: Flutter Lashes, Inc., "Kamilla"  All makeup Motives unless otherwise stated.
Falsies. Never leave home without them.
For those opposed to the intensity of false lashes, you can always cut them up and only apply what uou want. very versatile
Those false eyelashes are actually pretty wild. In a good way!
I'd wear this everyday.
It's pretty enough, why not? @noonmarez