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Dieting during Valentine's and the Super Bowl? You brave soul. Here's a cute and easy DIY to sip your way out of the salty snacks zone :) INGREDIENTS 2 cups fresh spinach 2 cups water 1 cup mango 1 cup pineapple 2 bananas Use at least one frozen fruit to chill your smoothie! INSTRUCTIONS - Tightly pack 2 cups of leafy greens in a measuring cup and then toss into blender. - Add water and blend together until all leafy chunks are gone. - Add mango, pineapple and bananas and blend again until smooth. - Pour into a glass of your choice! Field goal straws - Supplies: 2 bendable straws Hole punch 1. Cut straws Cut two bendable straws and insert one end into the other, forming the uprights and crossbar. 2. Create hole in crossbar Using a hole punch, make a hole halfway, in the center of the crossbar. 3. Fit third straw into crossbar For the center post, cut another straw to fit inside the punched hole. Glasses - Supplies: White, opaque paint marker Drinking glasses or clear plastic cups Using a paint marker, draw yard lines and numbers on your glasses. Next, fill the glasses with your cocktail and insert the straw! The white paint will wash off with just a little soap and soft scrubbing.
I like that this doesn't use any fruit juice or dairy - just fresh or frozen fruit and veg!
Using this to recover from the insane amount of pretzels and dip I ate haha
Spinach smoothies are the best when they have something tart and sweet like pineapple to balance it out
Goalposts or no goal posts, this sounds like a rocking smoothie!
making this as half-time to make up for all the junk I already ate!