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This messy and beachy look is a popular blowout style from Dry Bar's menu. The reason - it gives the right amount of pumped-up wave. It would be a luxury for me to visit the shop every month to get my hair pampered by the professionals. The experience of popping in, watching chick flick and drinking champagne while getting my hair styled is amazing. Unfortunately, as much as I love getting my hair done by someone I don't have the time to visit the shop. This is when a DIY blowout session at home is necessary. If you want to achieve the Mai Tai style, Alli, the blowout maven of Dry Bar, show you how it's done. From personal experience, you don't need to use all the identical tools, but I highly recommend the Southern Belle volumizing mousse because you gives your hair the extra volume!
Dry Bar's pricey for sure, but I think it's good for a special day. I don't know. Maybe, it's because I am not so good at styling my hair.
I almost went to Dry Bar a couple weeks ago. I ended up just blowing out my own hair and using a 1" spiral wand to give the ends a more 'finished' and feminine look.
Yeah drybars are waaaay out of my price range!
I love that these curls aren't too loose but are still able to move around freely!
I love drybar, but it's too far from wear I live. This is perfect. :)