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Traditional makeup just isn't going to cut it for you on your wedding day. So, pump up the saturation, adjust your shadow and cut that crease! Makeup artist, Ely Marino's quick and easy bridal eyes tutorial will get your there: 1. Start by applying "Birch" (element palette) all over the lid and underneath the brow bone 2. Apply "Breaking Dawn" in a cut crease fashion but taking it up right underneath the front of the brow 3. To darken the look and give it more dimension, apply "Ecstasy" shadow over top, stopping about half way 4. Taking a bit of "Onyx" apply just in the outer corner, blending extremely well 5. Apply "Amethyst" gel liner and line the eyes 6. Smudge "Ecstasy" underneath the lower lash line and your done Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills, brow powder in Dark brown with espresso brow gel over top Lashes: House of Lashes, "Noir Fairy" All makeup Motives unless otherwise stated.
<3 <3 <3
I might try this.
The purple is really dramatic
That gel liner is crazy! I wonder what other colors it comes in.
Share a picture after you do it!! @nixonwoman
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