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And she said it, with neither rage, nor malice, for she was the daughter of a Buldak. The ease in which she said it was the effect of being raised, not with privilege and hostility, but with the humble grace that comes from security and gratitude. It was a fact. Make your life easy; let your bridal makeup do the talking for you. And depending on the scale of drama, you can go big or go subtle. For the bride that is looking for makeup that is dynamic and exudes high drama, then this look by makeup artist, Ely Marino, is for you: 1. Start by drawing a line on the outer edge of the eye extending it outward (As if you were applying a winged liner) 2. Using "Raven" blend inward at an angle 3. Apply "Truffle" then "Bordeaux" overlapping each color slightly 4. Taking "Native" blend in the crease 5. Take "Gilded" and apply after "Bordeaux" lastly to highlight the inner corner apply "Shell" 6. Apply the liner using "little black dress" to both top and bottom lashes 7. Smudge the liner slightly with "Raven" on the lower lash line Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills, Dip brow in "Ebony" Lashes: Flutter Lashes, Inc., "Kamilla" and bottom lashes in "Tiffany" All makeup Motives unless otherwise stated.
danger eyes
hahahaha This title made me laugh. It's not my style of makeup but it looks pretty. I'm going to go light and neutral for my wedding day.
I like that hint of plum going on in the shadow.
That's a good title @Gurbhan22
just a touch.