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The picture might look delicious but it's not edible! This hair mask works as a deep conditioner and it's one of my favorite at-home SPA hair treatment. Since Valentine's day is coming up, give your hair a little treat and a break from all those styling. What this mask does: It leaves your hair feeling weightless and looking shiny and smooth. This is due to the anti-fungal and moisturizing property of strawberries. Method: Blend 8 strawberries and 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise to form a cream. Apply generously to wet hair. Leave mask on for 15 minutes and shampoo as normal.
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I just bought a carton of strawberries, but I have plans to cover them in chocolate later. This will have to wait hahaa
@Sjeanyoon Trust me, it will. @galinda leftover strawberries are the best when it comes to this hair mask.
I tried this just a good hour ago the smell was so unpleasant and I had very hard time getting little chunks out of my hair, and it knotted my hair up really bad. I did everything you said top is there anything I might have done wron
@funella Did you mix it with a blender? I tried it last weekend and it was fine. This is what I did - comb my hair with a tooth comb, then use it on the ends of my hair for 10 mins.
i am going to try this tonight. i am always looking for a good DIY deep conditioner. i have very long thick unruly hair.