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You're a brunette--embrace it! And do it with the sun right in your eye, well, figuratively. Expert makeup artist, Ely Marino shares her secret to amping up your wedding day look by going butterscotch gold on the water line: 1. Apply "Native" softly in the crease and blend upwards 2. Taking "Truffle" apply in the crease but keeping it darkest in the outer corner 3. Taking "Gum Drop" Crème shadow apply over the lid (staying underneath the crease) this will give the lid color something to stick too 4. Apply "Aubergine" over top 5. Line your eyes using "little black dress gel liner 6. For the water line magic, add "Butterscotch" Crème shadow underneath the lower lash line and on the waterline 7. Apply Lala mascara in black on both top and bottom lashes to finish the look Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills, Dipbrow pomade in Ebony with Espresso brow gel over top Lashes: Flutter Lashes, Inc., "Kylie" (blends) All makeup Motives unless otherwise stated.
I know this is an eye makeup tutorial but I'm interest at the Anastasia brows! Is there a tutorial on how to draw it?
Hi @alise, Absolutely! Ely Marino shares her secret to perfect Anastasia brows. I posted a card about it here recently. Hope you find it useful. Let me know how it goes for you.
I am in love with that bronze line under her bottom lashes.