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We all heard about the big snowfalls that hit. I, too, was worried about what we might bring in. But, I'm happy to say that the predictions were somewhat dramatized, it seems, and the Northeast has escaped with far less snow than expected. Oh well? That's what often happens with weather forecasting, and I suppose that it is better to over-predict and have people too prepared, than to have them stuck without the necessary supplies. To put into perspective just how much the over-predictions were, though, check this graphic out! Areas in New England, Boston were still hit hard but NYC and south didn't get as much. I still got quite a bit of snow (20+ inches!) but nothing like I was worried about.
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@amog32 I've seen that, though it seems they are holding back a bit more in their predictions to be clear that it's all just that: a prediction.
@danidee That's the story of much of the Norhteast, I'm afraid!
@danidee I heard a lot of things like this as well. I'ts kind of disappointing, really, especially now that I see that they're trying to make a big deal out of the next storm, too.
My friend in New Jersey was talking about how her town only got about 2 inches, but they were expecting a whole lot worse!