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Spoilers for episode 16: After Eun Gi asks Maru to get married, he is concerned about his illness but after deliberation he decides to propose (for real, as opposed to their pretend engagement for the public). Maru carefully selects the presents and engagement ring and asks Eun Gi out to propose. Eun Gi thinks its just a date and she happily gets dressed up. On her way to the date, someone hands her an envelope. She opens and reads it on the drive to the date, right when the car passes through a tunnel. It contains news about her car accident, and leads her to remember everything. Maru waits for a long time and Eun Gi arrives way past their meeting time and pretends that she hasn’t regained her memory. Maru makes a truly touching confession and speech to her and proposes with flowers, a cake, and the ring. Eun Gi accepts and Maru kisses her. Her eyes open during the kiss. Afterwards she decides to use Maru to bring Jae Hee down…. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I feel so sad for Ma ru if Eun gi will really use him for her revenge.. -_-
Nooooo!!!! I hope Eun Gi will realize that Maru loves her for real..
got it!! lololol
lololol.. if u have found the answer,, do let me know.. hahahahah.. this is sooo much fun!!
gives me an idea..i should google..what can google not answer!
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