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It's always an exciting day when I find out that a threatened or endangered species is sighted after a long absence. And today is one of those days! The Sierra Nevada Red Fox, which lives in remote regions of the Sierra Nevada and southern Cascade mountains, was captured on motion sensitive cameras in the very northern regions of Yosemite in mid-December and early January. We would have known about this sooner, but the footage had to go be retrieved by park wildlife biologists on a recent back country trip. Why is this news so exciting? Because they haven't been confirmed as seen since 2010! Because they're incredibly endangered, which makes sightings both improbable and exciting. Yosemite is working to make sure that these foxes have a better chance for survival. They are facing extinction due to its small population, which allows for reduced genetic diversity and habitat threats from logging, off-road vehicles, livestock grazing and fishing to really threaten the species' survival. Exciting news, that I hope leads us to the discovery that more of these foxes exist today than in the past!
@amog32 @greggr They might be; we'll never really know!
I'm sure there are more--just hidden where we can't see them.
Hurrah! Let's hope there are dozens of these guys hiding out somewhere and they're on their way back.