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Aries in love can be a handful, but they're absolutely worth your time. They're young in mind, reckless, but totally devoted in all that they do for those they love! Just to name a few situations (check out the gifs that go with them!)... 1: Very, very, very protective of those they love and care about, often putting others ahead of themselves 2: Once rejected, ready to move on fast (but still feeling it inside). 3: Doesn't like others doubting their feelings, or telling them to get a grip on reality. If it's real in their minds, it's real in their lives. 4: OVERJOYED when asked out, told they're loved, etc. 5: Can be jealous, which makes them seem hot-and-cold, but really they've just been hot for you all along! 6: They really want to impress you, but might not know how! 7: If someone they love is hurt, they're hurt too. 8: If you hurt them, they will be upset. And they will make sure they appear strong in that moment! 9: But when it comes down to it, they're fun loving, and a great sign to fall in love with :)
@ChristinaBryce Yes!!! Althought I don't usually do that till doors are closed and I'm alone LOL
Ahahhh I love the fourth gif!!! That SO fits anyone who's outgoing in love :)
I'm not even an Aries and I can relate....guess its because of my ascendent!