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Slightly house, slightly 80s rock, slightly R& can I possibly describe the British group "Years & Years?!" This electronica trio consists of keyboardist Olly Alexander, bassist Mikey Goldsworthy and synth player Emre Turkmen. I have been listening to them non-stop for about a week now and I am head over heels in love. Here are three tracks that will give you a taste of what you're in for with this group: 1. Take Shelter So, the whole reason I even found this group was because I had seen the film 'God Help the Girl' a few weeks ago. Then, while browsing MTV Iggy I saw that the lead singer looked an awful lot like the male lead in the film - turns out its the same guy! AND the singer turned actor (Olly Alexander) got his costar Emily Browning to be in his music video. It all comes together! 2. Desire So this could be one of my favorite songs by this group. It starts out with this funk house beat in the background and slowly introduces percussion. Then this wicked chorus comes out of nowhere and the next thing you know you're dancing on the tables. 3. Kings Their newest single. You seriously can't deny Olly's vocals in this incredibly catchy dancy tune. Also, I would love to get dressed that way every morning. 4. Real They used cast members from Misfits aka MY FAVORITE TV SHOW EVER. If that didn't solidify my love of this group, the hypnotic clap track in the song probably did.
I feel like this is something I would play in the background in my apartment while I'm getting ready to go out or doing something creative.
I think I like King the most, that chorus is already stuck in my head and the choreography in the music video is stunning!
Cool little intro to this artist, I hadn't heard of them before so it was nice to get a little glimpse of their style. That being said most of their songs seem to have a heavy pop influence, and sometimes the vocals drown out the music itself. I do like #2, revival. It seems follow the British futurehouse/futurepop trend with a nice, bright, and more prominent keyboard part and 2 step beat. The others weren't my favorite but not bad