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G.Soul "You (Acoustic Ver.)" M/V Reaction/Album Review
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::WARNING:: THIS VIDEO IS IN 480 v.v I ACCIDENTALLY CHANGED THE SETTINGS ON MY CAMERA AND DIDN'T REALIZE UNTIL AFTER I FINISHED RECORDING G.Soul is coming for my life i swear! JYP why are you doing this to me!?!?! *sigh* if you haven't seen my reaction to the actually MV here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzxAnwFawac I hope you all enjoyed this reaction/album review! I love this album! UPDATED! his album is officially sold out! good job G.Soul fans!!! ::ALL MUSIC/VIDEO BELONGS TO JYP ENTERTAINMENT:: SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL & FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM, TWITTER & VINGLE @KpopJunkiesTV
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