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Soothing Strawberry Hand Treatment
I have tendency to neglect my hands when it comes to skincare, partially because it always seems like I'm taking care of it by hand-washing. However, the hands can be the very first place to show signs of aging if you don't properly care for it. Overtime, the epidermis will show signs of wrinkles and dryness (from over washing). Since the sweetest season is around the corner, show some love to your hands with this DIY hand treatment. How it works: - Plain Oats is a natural exfoliant that can get rid of those crackly and dead tissue and give your skin a healthy glow. - Olive oil moisturizes skin and strengthen your nails, so you can say good-bye to rough hands. - Strawberry contains acids help exfoliate your skin and making your hands smell great!
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This honestly looks like something I'd like to eat!
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I don't know if I can use strawberries like that. I love eating it!
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This might be good for an at-home spa day.
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