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Betty Davis, eat your heart out! Memo to brides: It's okay to go for a classy-cum-bitchy look for your wedding. Really. It's totally fine. Look at this bridal makeup look by Aurora Makeup. This is a masterful homage to the Hollywood screen legends of the 1940s. I. Love. Everything. About. This. How to create the look: Brows Dip Brow pomade in Dark Brown Lids Apply matte highlighter crayon in Camille on lids as primer Apply shadow LBD under brow bone and blend out. Stack this and blend with Beauty Mark shadow Cover with caramel soft brown shadow from Bold Beautiful Kit. Using vanilla colored matte shadow, highlight the brow bone and tear duct. Lashes Line top lash line with gel eyelinger by Mica Beauty and "Show Stopper" lashes by Dose of Flashes Glitter Add glitter adhesive (primer) from tear duct to wing tip and apply micro sheer gold glitter.
This looks amazing. Very sultry.
I like this a lot. elegant
Ooooh I like this.
Try this look and let me know how you liked it.
Yes to everything about this, except the glitter. Not opposed to it, but not into it.
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