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I am so conflicted about Pantone's 2015 color trend of the year: Marsala. I find the color to be too dark, too violet, too heavy, too...(and I could go on and on). So while finding a reason to like this color is almost impossible for me, I can't help but wonder if this wouldn't look bad as a jacket or bow tie only--not as a suit or set. Does that make sense? I like the look of the jacket in picture 3. I'd change the bow tie color to gray or something light and pair the jacket with a micro houndstooth pant. This is probably the only way I could wear Marsala. If you love this color in big swaths, then a suit just might be right for you (and your wedding). If you have any tips or suggestions or comments then I invite you to share.
I follow your thought :) BTW, do you know the brand of wedding dress?
I just knew* I was going to get some strong feedback. LOLOL @stargaze My biggest complaint, as you know, is that it's just too much color. It's fine if it's in bits and pieces. IMHO. But you are RIGHT, this does give a vintage vibe. Very true.
I am in love with this girl's dress. The lace and fabric is so sweet and lady-like. I agree with @typeB. Where can I find this dress???
@stargaze Are you a wedding dress consultant? I'm a veteran event/wedding producer. If I ever EVER see a man in a white tux, there had better be a scoop of coconut sherbet floating in Goldschlager!
I don't think it's ugly! I actually like the pantone color on the groom. It gives off a vintage-vibe.
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