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Double Trouble with Team Rocket
I saw @somnia's card about Jessie & James from Team Rocket of Pokemon and I just had to research those cosplayers farther! And what did I find? A really, really awesome cosplay music video. Seriously awesome. Cringe worthy at points, but in all the right ways, considering the original Team Rocket theme song is cringe worthy, too! They did a great job of really capturing every little bit (though the Meowith was a little meh lol). What was your favorite Team Rocket moment?
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Ahahhahah @vulpix how did I not see this on their page!! Golden find! This is great!
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Hahahaha! It's like Team Rocket is alive!
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They even managed to get the horrible, horrible background right at some points. Bravo.
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@somnia Thanks for getting me to the right place to see it!! @timeturnerjones @amog32 It really is like the show came to life!
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