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Tips to Shave Less Often
Shaving can be an annoying task if you have to do it every other day or every week. It is time consuming because you have to be delicate to not giving yourself a cut or encourage ingrown hair. If there's a choice I want to not shave at all but that's only possible if I get laser hair removal. Unfortunately, that's not happening anytime soon because I have to save up for college. I'll be an incoming freshmen this Fall! So, with that said, here are some tips I live by to shave less often. 1. Exfoliate Not only does this process remove dead skin for smooth results. It also help diminish ingrown hair nightmares! 2. Grain Here's the trick to longer lasting hairless legs (if you use a razor)- shave against the grain. Getting the closest shave possible will save time by not going to the same spot twice. 3. Conditioner I don't use shaving creams, instead I use conditioners to get soft and smooth legs. This also makes it easier to get a close shave. 4. Epilator Ever since last year I ditched the razor and invested in an epilator and the result is amazing. It doesn't leave my skin prickly like shaving and it definitely last longer! 5. Cut down the carb Refined carbohydrates can actually promote excess hair growth, so bringing more veggies to your diet will keep it from growing too fast.
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