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There is a video that is going viral recently. It depicts Marshawn Lynch stating over and over during his interview "I am here so I don't get fined." Rather than answer any of the questions that he was given, he answered with that repetitive and useless answer. Is this right? I have heard many players complain that they hate media day because it is not their responsibility. But why is it not? Why are they allowed to act like this? They are the first to respond "I love this sport, but it is still a business." You know what, if they were in a real business, they would have been fired a long long time ago. If they really understood that this is a business, then they should learn to act like professionals. I know that there are a lot of people that say that the Yankees have a horrible culture. They force their players to cut their facial hair, etc. If that is the company culture, then there is nothing wrong with that. Players should stop complaining about the very few things they need to do as PROFESSIONALS! Do your job, and get paid. Isn't that what they say?
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his punk ass probably ticked right now haha
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