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Pat McQuaid, the former president of the International Cycling Union (UCI) stated in an interview that Lance Armstrong was treated harshly. As you probably know, Armstrong was stripped of his 7 Tour de France wins and banned from competitive cycling for life. He was also banned by the USADA from competition, applicable to all sports which follow the World Anti-Doping Agency code. McQuaid said in the interview that Lance was made a scapegoat as there was a witch hunt for him. Things would be different if others were treated the same, but Lance was treated differently from other cyclists who were also doping. McQuaid went on to say that the USADA just wanted a big name, and they used smaller riders to get information they needed on the big guys, in this case Lance. Although many doped, Lance's punishment far outweighed any one else's punishment. I agree with McQuaid that they should all be treated equally (or at least on a relatively equal playing field).
Well none of the others created a fund, supposedly to help cancer patients, and then used the money to buy the silence of people who could testify against them.
@TeamWaffles Interesting point, never thought about it like that
I think we should kick them all out. I'd say the biggest factor in getting the pro guys to stop is a zero tolerance policy, if you are found to be doping you're out for good. If you need something from the doctor that looks shady then have the doctor report it. If it meant that these guys would lose their passion in life I'm sure a lot of them wouldn't even think of doping ever again.
Seems like the USADA's doing more than the UCI...
If you think about how other people were punished then yeah I think he was punished unequally