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DIY Packable Wine Hanger
If you like hiking or camping, and alcoholic beverages, you know the problems that come about when you try to bring a bottle of wine out with you. It's heavy, it can break and it's hard to pack. You can buy a wine bladder which will cost around ten bucks, or use a water bladder but then you might want to drink and hike which is a bad idea. You can make your own but then it might leak. SO, instead, I found this genius idea to use a pants hanger and a box of wine. Yep! Go to your local liquor store, get a box of wine (usually they're about 3 bottles in a box if you get the smaller one), drain some the night before (aka drink it) and then take the bag out of the box and pack it up! When you set up camp, hang it from a tree using a dress pants hanger! Ta-da! Just don't leave it in the sun, and you're good to go.
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