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Recommendations for Reflective Vests for Dogs?
I've got my girl a nice, bright colored reflective vest. She's going to keep growing, though, so I need to get one for a larger sized dog, so I've found these guys: - Ruffwear Track Jacket (http://www.ruffwear.com/Track-Jacket-High-Visibility-Coat?sc=2&category=8368) - Hurtta Vest. Comes in three bright colors (http://hurtta.com/EN/Products/Reflector%20products/Polar%20vest/) - Brilliant K9's Vests - Top Paw Vest - Dog Not Gone Visibility Products I know I can dress any of these up with bandanas if she wants to look cuter (ha...) I want to get something good quality, durable, and also that will do it's job and make my dog nice and visible. Any recommendations?
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Haven't owned one myself but my brother got his from a sale at Petsmart. think it was k9 brand
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Ruffwear! Its great!
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@happyrock Seconded!
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